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EUH Dressler Conference: Review of polymyositis

The Bottom Line: Inflammatory idiopathic myopathies (IIM) are a group of rare autoimmune diseases characterized by proximal skeletal muscle weakness, raised muscle enzymes and extramuscular organ involvement, most frequently the lungs, resulting in interstitial lung disease (ILD). Numerous autoantibodies are … Continue reading

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VA Resident Report: What is the distribution of arthritis associated with systemic infection?

The Bottom Line: Staphylococcus aureus is the main cause of septic arthritis involving native joints, although many other organisms are encountered also. In our center, neither the distribution nor the antibiotic susceptibility profiles of the causative organisms changed significantly over … Continue reading

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EUHM Resident Report: Does pregnancy increase or decrease the risk of lupus flares?

The Bottom Line: SLE patients with stable lupus nephritis demonstrates that flares develop in almost 20% of pregnancies, but flares respond to prompt and adequate therapy. On the same level, contraception and an optimal timing for pregnancy should be discussed … Continue reading

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VA Resident Report: What are the SLE overlap syndromes?

The concept of overlap syndromes implies the occurrence of two or more well-defined connective tissue diseases in the same patient. OSs are not frequent, and their descriptions in the literature are limited to a few case reports and case series. … Continue reading

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What is the sensitivity and specificity of Yamaguchi Criteria for the diagnosis of Adult Onset Stills Disease?

Lian, Fan, et al. “Clinical features and hyperferritinemia diagnostic cutoff points for AOSD based on ROC curve: a Chinese experience.” Rheumatology international 32.1 (2012):189-92. Statistical ability of combined Yamaguchi criteria and ferritin for AOSD diagnosis Yamaguchi criteria for AOSD had … Continue reading

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Causes and significance of markedly elevated serum ferritin levels

Bottom line: Out of all adult patients with a least 1 serum ferritin level >1,000μg/L from 2008-2010 (n=627), 153 had a malignancy, and 136 had iron-overload syndromes. Average ferritin level for the 6 patients with either adult-onset Still’s disease, systemic … Continue reading

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Review of adult-onset Still’s disease

Bagnari, Valentina, et al. “Adult-onset Still’s disease.” Rheumatology international 30.7 (2010):855-62.

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