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EUH Hunt Conference: Residents’ “Pathways Service” to link patient care to scientific inquiry

Bottom Line: The authors created a “Pathways Service” to link patient care to scientific inquiry by attempting to fill gaps in knowledge regarding the biology behind patients’ medical problems. Residents refer patients on their service to the program “if they … Continue reading

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EUH Krakow Conference: What is the sensitivity of the 4th generation test for acute HIV infection?

The Bottom Line:  A study involving 86,836 participants found the Abbott Architect HIV Ag/Ab Combo Assay to have a 79.8% sensitivity and 99.9% specificity with a positive predictive value of 59% (Peters et al, 2016). Reference: Peters PJ, Westheimer E, … Continue reading

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EUH Resident Report: What are sources for syncope rules?

Evaluation of Guidelines in Syncope Study (EGSYS) syncope score: Calculate by QxMD (app is freely available for Android and Apple devices), EMERG CDRs (app is freely available for Android devices) Osservatorio Epidemiologico sulla Sincope nel Lazio (OESIL) risk score: American … Continue reading

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How common is is acquired Factor VIII deficiency?

The Bottom line: A rare disorder, Acquired hemophilia A has an incidence of approximately 1 per million a year. The mortality rate is high at more than 20%. AHA occurs due to autoantibodies against coagulation factor VIII which results in … Continue reading

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How long is the window to see blood on a noncontrasted CT head scan?

Piccini & Nilsson: The Osler Medical Handbook, 2nd ed CT is up to 95% sensitive for detecting acute SAH if performed hours after aneurysmal rupture, but sensitivity decreases about 10% per day after rupture.

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Evidence on physical capability and mortality, early use of palliative care, and tools for assessing delirium in ICU patients

Objectively measured physical capability levels and mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ. 2010 Sep 9;341:c4467. doi: 10.1136/bmj.c4467. Systematic review of studies on association of various measures of physical activity and mortality in community populations Early palliative care for patients with … Continue reading

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Negative Predictive Value of LDH in Pneumocystis Pneumonia

Chief Complaint: “I can’t breathe” Question: What is the negative predictive value of LDH in PCP? Article: Speich R, Opravil M, Weber R, Hess T, Luethy R, Russi EW. Prospective evaluation of a prognostic score for pneumocystis cariini pneumonia in … Continue reading

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