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Kokko Conference: Is Vitamin B12 deficiency one of the etiological causes of pancytopenia?

The Bottom Line: The etiological causes of pancytopenia vary depends on patients’ age, gender, country, and other conditions. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the most common treatable cause of pancytopenia. Reference: Yokuş O, Gedik H. Etiological causes of pancytopenia: A report … Continue reading

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Kokko Conference: Does TTP (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) result in ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome)?

The Bottom Line: Life-threatening ARDS can be associated with TTP. Early recognition of ARDS associated with TTP and timely EP is critical to a favorable outcome. Summary: Experience suggests that ARDS may occur as a clinical feature of either de novo … Continue reading

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Kokko Conference: Do protease inhibitors lead to improved outcomes in AL cardiac amyloidosis?

The Bottom Line: . In a study of diflunisal in ATTR cardiac amyloidosis (both mutant and wt), stable mean left ventricular (LV) mass, LVEF and cardiac biomarkers were seen during the course of therapy.  Nephrotoxicity and volume overload was observed as … Continue reading

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Grady Report: What are the current guidelines for the pharmacological management of prostatitis?

The Bottom Line: For healthcare providers, the focus of therapy is symptomatic relief. The first therapeutic measure is often a 4- to 6-week course of a fluoroquinolone, which provides relief in 50% of men and is more efficacious if prescribed … Continue reading

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When should a head CT be performed prior to a lumbar puncture?

Lumbar puncture/Procedure considerations/Neuroimaging in Dynamed The section on Testing to Consider Prior to Performing an LP in DynaMed’s entry for lumbar puncture summarizes two prospective cohort studies and lists clinical findings such as age and aspects of clinical history and … Continue reading

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Is there a systematic evaluative approach to adults with thrombocytopenia?

The Bottom Line: See Figure 1, p. 193, “Algorithm for workup of thrombocytopenia based on observation of the peripheral blood film.” Reference: Stasi R.  How to approach thrombocytopenia.  Hematology Am Soc Hematol Educ Program. 2012;2012:191-7.  Summary: The initial approach to determining the … Continue reading

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What is the prophylactic agent of choice for HIV+ adults with mycobacterium avium complex?

The Bottom Line: Azithroymycin or clarithromycin appear to be the agent of choice for MAC infections.  Further studies are needed, especially direct comparison of these two therapies. Reference: Uthman MM, Uthman OA, Yahaya I.  Interventions for the prevention of mycobacterium avium … Continue reading

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