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EUH Morning Report: Review of microscopic colitis

Bottom Line: “Microscopic colitis is a common cause of chronic watery diarrhea, particularly in the elderly. The accompanying symptoms, which include abdominal pain and fatigue, can markedly impair patients’ quality of life. Diagnosis is based upon characteristic histologic findings of … Continue reading

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EUH Dressler Case Conference: Review of cardiac sarcoidosis

Bottom Line: Increased awareness and diagnostic techniques are the primary reasons for the exponential increase in the prevalence of cardiac sarcoidosis during the last decade. More evidence is needed to determine optimal management. First-line treatment is corticosteroids; authors recommend also using … Continue reading

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EUH Hunt Conference: Review of Meigs’ Syndrome

Bottom Line: Meigs’ syndrome is also known as Meigs syndrome or Demons-Meigs syndrome. It is characterized by a triad of ascites, pleural effusion, and benign ovarian fibroma, which is a rare triad. “Meigs syndrome…is a diagnosis of exclusion only after ovarian carcinoma … Continue reading

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EUH Dressler Conference: What is the epidemiology of legionella pneumonia?

The Bottom Line: Legionella pneumonia accounts for 2-7% of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) worldwide. In the U.S., legionella infections accounted for 1.3 per 100,000 cases between 2011-2013. Of the 1,426 cases reported in the U.S between 2011-2013: 79% in patients > 50 … Continue reading

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EUH Dressler Conference: What are HIV elite controllers and HIV long-term nonprogressors?

The Bottom Line: Long-term nonprogressors (LTNP) account for 1-5% of HIV-infected individuals characterized by documented infection for more than 7-10 years, a stable CD4+ T cell count over 500/mm3 and low viremia in the absence of antiretroviral treatment. They are able … Continue reading

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EUH Hunt Conference: What trials have been done on early vs. later initiation of ARTs in the hospital for opportunistic infections in the setting of HIV?

The Bottom Line:  Karim et al (2010): An open-label randomized controlled trial in Durban, South Africa to determine optimal timing of ART initiation in relation to TB treatment. Acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear positive tuberculosis patients with HIV infection and CD4+ counts … Continue reading

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EUH Krakow Conference: What are all of the causes of anion gap acidosis and are there mnemonics by which to remember them?

Bottom Line: Causes of anion gap metabolic acidosis are broken down into the following categories: overproduction of acid due to ketoacidosis or lactic acidosis, underexcretion of acid (such as due to advanced renal failure/chronic kidney disease (uremia)), cell lysis (such … Continue reading

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