EUHM Resident Report: Are CT findings valid for prognostication of renal cysts under the Bosniak Classification?

The Bottom Line: CT and MR imaging findings were similar in the majority of cystic renal masses. In some cases, however, MR images may depict additional septa, thickening of the wall and/or septa, or enhancement, which may lead to an upgraded Bosniak cyst classification and can affect case management

Israel, G., Hindman, N., & Bosniak, M. (n.d.). Evaluation of cystic renal masses: Comparison of CT and MR imaging by using the Bosniak classification system. Radiology., 231(2), 365-371.

The Bosniak classification of renal cysts, introduced in 1986, has been used to help evaluate cystic renal masses and decide clinical management. It has been accepted and used by urologists and radiologists as an effective way to assess these lesions, and there has been general interobserver agreement in most instances . Although this classification scheme is based on computed tomographic criteria, the same approach may provide a useful framework for evaluation with magnetic resonance imaging. However, MR imaging may demonstrate some findings that are not depicted at CT, and there may not always be a clear correlation between the findings at MR imaging and those at CT.

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