VA Resident Report: When to use antibiotices for post-obstructive pneumonia?

Post-obstructive pneumonia is usually the result of proximal airway obstruction with distal infection of the lung parenchyma. Since normal drainage mechanisms are impeded, the infection is usually slow to resolve. Poor drainage secondary to the obstruction, compounded by resistant bacteria mandate prolonged courses of antibiotics. The cornerstone
of treatment is appropriate antibiotics, combined with methods to relieve the obstruction.

Mehta, R., & Cutaia, M. (n.d.). The role of interventional pulmonary procedures in the management of post-obstructive pneumonia. Current Infectious Disease Reports., 8(3), 207-214.

Post-obstructive pneumonia from airway obstruction is usually due to malignant causes, and can lead to rapid clinical worsening. In addition to relieving airway obstruction to hasten resolution and prevent recurrence, it is vital in the decompensated patient to restore oxygenation and ventilation immediately. Interventions are based on the nature of the obstruction, available techniques, quality of life issues and physician expertise.

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