Review of gonococcal endocarditis

Gonococcal endocarditis was common in the preantibiotic era. However, its incidence has dramatically decreased since effective antibiotics have been available. Currently, disseminated infection occurs in 1–3 % of all gonococcal infections, and 1–2 % of these develop gonococcal endocarditisas a complication

Ramos, Antonio Gonococcal endocarditis: a case report and review of the literature. Infection 2014 vol:42 iss:2 pg:425 -8

Gonococcal endocarditis is an uncommon complication of N. gonorrhoeae infection. Although right-sided heart involvement was common in the pre-antibiotic era, during the last few decades there has been an apparent tendency for left-sided valve involvement, especially in the aortic valve, 59 % of reported cases.

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