What is the differential diagnosis for diffuse ground-glass opacities of the lung on chest CT?

Miller, Wallace T, and Rosita MShah. “Isolated diffuse ground-glass opacity in thoracic CT: causes and clinical presentations.” AJR, American journal of roentgenology 184.2 (2005):613-622.

Unlike GGOs, in the company of other imaging findings ID-GGOs are caused by a relatively limited group of diseases. These can be grouped into four large categories of disease: diffuse pneumonias, some chronic interstitial diseases, acute alveolar diseases, and a group of unusual miscellaneous disorders. Furthermore, the presentation of ID-GGO often falls into one of five clinical scenarios: patients who are immunocompromised, patients who are receiving bone marrow–suppressing medications, outpatients who have slowly progressive dyspnea, inpatients and outpatients who have acutely developing dyspnea, and inpatients who are acutely ill. These clinical scenarios engender limited differential diagnoses in most cases, as outlined in Table 2.

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