What are the clinical features and epidemiology of esophageal tuberculosis?

Bottom line:  Esophageal tuberculosis is a rare form of extrapulmonary TB.   Symptoms and clinical findings include typical features of TB–weight loss, fever, malaise–and local symptoms, including dysphagia, chest pain and cough. 

Details:  Peto HM, et al.  Epidemiology of Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis
in the United States, 1993–2006. Clin Infectious Dis. 2009:49 (1 November).
Fig. 1 (p. 1352), 88% of the cases of extrapulmonary TB occurred in bone/joint, genitourinary, meningeal, peritoneal, lymphatic and pleural. 

A PubMed search:   ((“Esophageal Diseases”[MeSH Terms]) AND “Tuberculosis, Gastrointestinal”[MeSH Terms])
retrieved only case reports of esophageal TB.

Park JH et al. Endoscopic findings and clinical features of esophageal tuberculosis. Scand J Gastroenterology.  2010; 45: 1269-1272.
Describes clinical features and imaging in esophageal tuberculosis.


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