According to the Choosing Wisely initiative regarding adult hospitalized patients, what are the common orders that physicians should question before ordering?

As part of the ABIM Choosing Wisely Initiative, Society of Hospital Medicine’s consensus on common orders that physicians and patients should question include:

  • use of urinary catheters for incontinence or ease of monitoring output in non-critically ill patients
  • prescription of medications for stress ulcer prophylaxis to medical inpatients who do not have a high risk for GI complications
  • transfusions of red blood cells for arbitrary hemoglobin or hematocrit thresholds in the absence of symptoms of active coronary disease, heart failure or stroke
  • continuous telemetry monitoring outside of the ICU without using a protocol that governs continuation
  • ordering repetitive CBC and chemistry testing in the face of clinical and lab stability

For additional details on these items and an explanation of how the list was compiled, visit Choosing Wisely: Society of Hospital Medicine – Adult Hospital Medicine


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