What is the epidemiology of pancreatitis caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV)?

Bottom line:  Most cases of acute pancreatitis in the United States are associated with alcohol use or biliary tract disease, but in ~2% of cases associated with infection, CMV can be the causative agent.

Summary: Berger H, et al. (ed.) Pancreas: an integrated textbook of basic science, medicine and surgery, Blackwell, 2008. (In EUH Branch)
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Incidence of acute pancreatitis from infection is assumed to be less than 2%. Most recent epidemiologic studies of infectious agents associated with acute pancreatitis were published in the 1990s. Parenti et al. wrote a review of cases reports on the incidence of various infectious agents associated with pancreatitis (Parenti, DM, et al. Pancreas. 1996;13(4):356 -371). Of the 32 cases in the literature, 7 reported CMV infection as the causative agent.  Four of the patients were renal transplant recipients and one had HIV infection.


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