Which cancers metastasize to the heart?

The Bottom Line: In theory every malignant tumor can metastasize to the heart. However, only tumors of the central nervous system have not been proven to develop cardiac metastases. The most common tumors with cardiac metastatic potential are carcinomas of the lung, the breast and the esophagus, malignant lymphoma, leukemia, and malignant melanoma

Reynen, K. “Metastases to the heart.” Annals of oncology 15.3 (2004):375-381.

Primary tumors of the heart are rare, occurring at a frequency of ∼0.02% in pooled autopsy series. Histologically, 3/4 of primary heart tumors are benign and almost half of them being myxomas. Whether benign or malignant, the majority of primary cardiac tumors are intracavitary and preferentially develop in the left atrium, thereby leading to left ventricular inflow obstruction. Embolism is also common. Secondary or metastatic heart tumors occur comparatively more frequently, with an at least 100 times higher incidence than primary tumors of the heart.

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