What are the major infectious causes of hepatic granulomas?

The Bottom Line: Infectious causes of hepatic granulomas are grouped along bacterial, fungal, viral origins. See Table 1, p. 310.

Summary: Hepatic granulomas are reportedly present in 2% to 10% of all liver biopsy specimens examined in general practice, and of those supposedly as many as 36% have no discoverable etiology even after extensive evaluation of the specimen. This review focuses on the diagnosis of granulomas in infectious diseases affecting the liver, including use of special stains, serologic studies, and molecular diagnostic techniques, and discusses pertinent noninfectious causes of hepatic granulomas that are in the differential diagnosis.

Reference: Lamps, LW. Hepatic Granulomas, With an Emphasis on Infectious Causes. Adv Anat Pathol. Volume 15, Number 6, November 2008, 309-18. 

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