What is the incidence and prognosis for tick-borne diseases common to the southeastern US?

Annual incidence: 1.7-14 per million population in Georgia
-Fig. 3, Annual Cases of Ehrlichiosis in the United States. CDC. 2008
Mortality: 1%

Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Incidence: 1.5-19 per million population in Georgia
-Fig 3. Annual Cases of RMSF in the United States. 2008.
Motality:  5% with prompt treatment; 15-25% if untreated

Tularemia has been reported in Georgia.
Reported cases of tularemia, United States, 2000-2008.  CDC.
Mortality: 3% when treated; up to 35% if untreated

Babesiosis: Mostly in Northeast, Midwest
Mortality: < 10% mortality, mostly in elderly or immunocompromised

Lyme: Mostly in Northeast, around Great Lakes, but cases have been reported in Georgia and other states in southern US


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