What structures of the eye are part of the uvea? How can you differentiate between uveitis and scleritis?

Bottom line: Uveitis affects the structures of the uveal tract, which includes the iris, ciliary body and choroid and which supplies blood to most of the eye.  Findings in uveitis may include a rim of hyperemia around the limbus (“ciliary flush”), adhesions of the iris (synechiae), eye pain.  Findings vary based on the cause and specific location of inflammation.   Findings in scleritis include a deep red color of the sclera going deep to the conjunctiva in the sclera.

More details:

    • Image of anterior uveitis.  In:  Atlas of Emergency Medicine [AccessEmergencyMedicine].
    • Uveal tract.  In: Vaughan & Asbury’s General Ophthalmology. [AccessMedicine]  Diagram of uveal tract and review of causes and clinical findings of anterior, intermediate and posterior uveitis
    • Uveitis, Anterior.  In:  VisualDx           Summary of diagnostic findings and differential diagnosis
    • Scleritis, Diffuse.  In:  VisualDx.         Image and diagnostic findings common in  scleritis

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