Reviews of thrombocytosis and malaria

Schafer. Thrombocytosis. The New England journal of medicine 2004 vol:350 iss:12 pg:1211 -1219

Thrombocytosis is usually discovered when a complete blood count is obtained for unrelated reasons. This discovery creates an important diagnostic challenge. Thrombocytosis is generally a reactive process (secondary thrombocytosis) or caused by a clonal bone marrow (myeloproliferative) disorder.

Hawkes. Advances in malaria diagnosis. Expert review of anti-infective therapy 2007 vol:5 iss:3 pg:485 -495

Accurate and practical diagnostics in global malaria control efforts is increasingly being recognized by its importance . Estimates for a sensitive and specific tool for diagnosis requiring minimal infrastructure could potentially prevent over 100,000 malaria-related deaths and approximately 400 million unnecessary treatments

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