Anticoagulation and PVT

Tsochatzis Systematic review: portal vein thrombosis in cirrhosis. Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics yr:2010 vol:31 iss:3 pg:366 -74

The goal of anticoagulation, is not necessarily recanalization, but rather prevention of further thrombosis with extension to the superior mesenteric vein (SMV). Consensus on noncirrhotic PVT and recent AASLD practice guidelines on liver vascular disorders advocate anticoagulation in acute PVT, as recanalization may occur in up to 80% of cases

With cirrhosis, anticoagulation is more complex. In patients with oesophageal varices, especially with high rupture risk, antigoagulation could further exacerbate a variceal bleeding should it occur. The risk to benefit ratio of anticoagulation usually proves unfavourable in cirrhosis if there are medium or large oesophageal v arices.

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