What is the prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in patients with clinical hyperthyroidism?

Mercé J, et al. Cardiovascular abnormalities in hyperthyroidism: a prospective Doppler echocardiographic study. Am J Med. 2005;18(2):126-31.

Prospective case-control study of 39 hyperthyroid patients consecutively recruited over a 24-month period and matched by age and gender to 39 controls.  Medical history, physical exam, ECG, and Doppler echo were conducted on all patients within 24 hours of diagnosis, and after achieving euthyroidism.  At inclusion, there were significant differences in heart rhythm, heart rate, and systolic BP (see Table 1 on p. 128.) Six patients lost to follow up.

Table 2 (p. 129) compares echocardiographic findings of two groups at inclusion with significant differences in the mean pulmonary arterial systolic pressure:
38 +/-12 for the patients 27+/-4 for the controls

number of patients with pulmonary arterial systolic pressure ≥35 mm Hg:
16(41%) of patients 1(3%) of controls

Table 4 (p. 130) compares echo findings of 33 patients who completed follow up both at inclusion and after achieving euthyroid state, and found statistically significant changes in
mean pulmonary arterial systolic pressure:
from 36 +/- 10 at inclusion to 29 +/- 8 at follow-up

number of patients with pulmonary arterial systolic pressure ≥35 mm Hg:
13 (39%) at inclusion to 5 (16%) at follow-up


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