What is the most accurate cutoff for viral load in primary HIV?

Hecht FM, et al. Use of laboratory tests and clinical symptoms for identification of primary HIV infection. AIDS 2002 May 24;16(8):1119-29

In this study false positive HIV-1 RNA tests were not reproducible and were consistently < 3,000 copies/mL; only 1 patient with primary HIV infection had < 3,000 copies/mL

Prospective study of 258 persons screened for primary HIV infection, 40 had primary or early HIV infection (before or within 6 months after seroconversion); 7 additional patients with preseroconversion HIV-1 added for evaluating laboratory results
p24 antigen had 79% sensitivity and 99% specificity
third-generation EIA had 79% sensitivity and 97% specificity
HIV-1 RNA by branched chain DNA had 100% sensitivity and 95% specificity
HIV-1 RNA by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) had 100% sensitivity and 97% specificity
HIV-1 RNA by trasnscription-mediated amplification testing had 100% sensitivity and 98% specificity


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