What is the incidence of malignancy in patients with esophageal strictures?

Cohort study
Ruigómez A, García Rodríguez LA, Wallander MA, Johansson S, Eklund S.  Esophageal stricture: incidence, treatment patterns, and recurrence rate.  Am J Gastroenterol. 2006 Dec;101(12):2685-92.

Objective: To study the incidence, natural history, and recurrence rate of esophageal stricture diagnosed in primary care.

Population consisted of all patients enrolled in a UK general practice research database for at least 2 years who did not have a diagnosis of esophageal stricture dilation or cancer before the start date.  Over 1 million patients selected for study.   Patients were followed until 1) the end of the study, 2) detection in medical reord of esophageal stricture or esophageal dilatation, 3) death, 4) age 80, or cancer (all tumors except esophageal cancer)

Table 1 summarizes the characteristics of confirmed cases, including the rates of various etiologies.  In cases of documented esophageal stricture the etiology was cancer in 23.3%, 125 of 536 of cases.

How I found it

  • The search that produced the most appropriate results was PubMed: esophageal stricture AND epidemiology AND risk
  • Tried different combinations of these concepts: esophageal stricture, etiology, cancer, epidemiology, incidence, risk
  • Didn’t identify anything in UptoDate.

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