For patients with a history of a DVT in an upper extremity, what is the risk for mortality and PE?

Muñoz FJ, et al. Clinical outcome of patients with upper-extremity deep vein thrombosis: results from the RIETE Registry.  Chest. 2008 Jan;133(1):143-8.

Objective: To analyze the 3-month demographic characteristics, treatment & outcome of patients with DVT in the arm.

Methods: Analysis of patients from the RIETE Registry <>  (patients with objectively confirmed, symptomatic, acute DVT or pulmonary embolism).  No protocol for treatment.

Data:  Of 512 patients (4.4% of the patients in the registry in Sept 2006) had arm DVT.  124 (24%) of these patients had had a catheter but no history of cancer (matches the patient in the case).

Table 1 compares the 3 month outcomes of all patients upper extremity DVT to lower extremity DVT

For patients with a history of a catheter but no history of cancer (Table 2), the incident rates at 3 months were:

Major bleeding: 2.4%
Fatal bleeding: 0
Recurrent DVT: 0
Recurrent PE: 1.6%
Fatal PE:0

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