What are the features of ulcerative colitis in the presence of Takaysu’s arteritis

While it has a worldwide distribution, Takayasu’s arteritis is very rare in the US and Europe (1-3 cases per million each year) but is more prevalent in Japan and southeast Asia.  On the other hand, ulcerative colitis is much more prevalent in North American populations.  Case reports comprise the literature reporting on the comorbidity.  Here are a couple of reports that discuss possible etiological connections, as well as a useful description of Takayasu’ arteritis.

Gearry R, et al.  Takayasu’s arteritis and ulcerative colitis.  The New Zealand Medical Journal.  2003;116(1170).

Bansal R, et al.  Ulcerative colitis associated with Takayasu’s arteritis.  Int J Cardiology.  2003;88:91-93.

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