What pathological findings are generally associated with bilateral mastectomy?

This summary from cancer.gov cites the one study cited in textbooks and UptoDate:

The study…
Fisher ER, Redmond C, Fisher B, et al.: Pathologic findings from the National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Projects (NSABP). Prognostic discriminants for 8-year survival for node-negative invasive breast cancer patients. Cancer 65 (9 Suppl): 2121-8, 1990.

…showed that in a 5-year follow-up of 182 women with LCIS, who received only an excisional biopsy, 8 developed tumors in the ipsilateral breast and 3 developed tumors in the contralateral breast. According to the NCI, one of the current treatment options is bilateral total mastectomy w/out axillary node dissection.

Also, a cursory review of the literature from 20 years ago shows that bilateral mastectomy was identified as the most appropriate treatment for LCIS.

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